Indian mother and son wearing masks

India COVID Crisis

May 2021

When a deadly second wave of COVID-19 struck India, the surge overwhelmed health services across the country as daily infections continued to rise. 

People were left fighting for their lives.

Hospitals and health centres were running out of beds, essential drugs and oxygen.

The crisis has affected lives and people’s livelihoods, with the poorest and most marginalized communities also facing food insecurity.

Humanitarian Coalition members are already actively responding to the crisis.

We are:

  • supporting the healthcare system with oxygen, ventilators, medication, field hospitals, quarantine centres, beds, tents and personal protective equipment
  • promoting COVID vaccination and safe hygiene practices
  • providing hygiene kits and hygiene promotion to people with limited access to clean water, soap, and/or sanitizers
  • responding to mental health needs through trained community volunteers
  • ensuring food security and basic survival for vulnerable families.