Sulawesi earthquake 2018

Indonesia Quake and Tsunami

September 2018

More than 2,000 people died and some 5,000 remain unaccounted for following the major earthquake that rocked the city of Palu and surrounding area in Sulawesi, Indonesia on September 28, 2018. The 7.5 tremor triggered a tsunami with waves up to 6 metres that swept into the region, and caused the liquefaction of the soil that swallowed up entire neighbourhoods.

Authorities estimate that 200,000 survivors are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and they expect the recovery and reconstruction to last at least two years.

The member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition have partners on the ground in Indonesia who immediately began assessing the situation and responding. They are currently distributing a wide range of emergency items and services, such as shelters, blankets, clean water and sanitation supplies, water storage units, and other essentials. Special attention is being given to the particular sanitation and protection needs of women and girls, including building gender-segregated latrines. Because so many families were separated and the number of orphaned children is high, our members are also working to ensure the safety and psychological well-being of children.

Your donations to the Indonesia Quake and Tsunami campaign are providing help to thousands of survivors.

Donations are no longer being received for this emergency, but your gift to the Humanitarian Coalition will ensure that funds are in place to respond quickly and effectively the next time a humanitarian disaster strikes.

Population affected
1.5 million
map of tsnunami that hit Indonesia 2018map of tsnunami that hit Indonesia 2018
Map: Humanitarian Coalition.