Joel and his son with their kits.

“My heart is happy”

During the earthquake, a part of Joel’s house collapsed. When another tremor struck, he took a bad fall and injured his leg. Now he can only walk with the support of crutches.

Early in the morning of 14 August 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, destroying hospitals, schools and homes, claiming thousands of lives, and leaving communities in crisis. In the area of Nippes where Joel lives, more than 80 per cent of the buildings were damaged, displacing thousands of people who were left without access to basic needs or services.

Joel used to earn his living as a driver, but following the accident and a subsequent operation, he is unable to work. He is a single father of three children. To survive and provide for his children, he now depends on a few animals that he tends to regularly as well as support from family members. But this is not enough.

World Vision, with support from Canadians through the Humanitarian Coalition, responded quickly to the needs of people affected by the earthquake in the department of Nippes. They provided Joel’s family with a kitchen kit, a hygiene kit, a shelter and bedding kit, and key hygiene information, including COVID-19 best practices.

“World Vision served me,” he says. “They gave me tarps, they gave me buckets, they gave me items for fetching water, they gave me hygiene and toiletries, they have given me all. What I have been given as gifts are essential items that I cannot afford.

“If you could only see in my heart just how happy I am.”