Nasima Begum, carrying her 4-month-old daughter along with her husband Salam Mia. Photo Credit: AKM Ahsan Uddin

Nasima’s family is back on track

Nasima Begum was 8 months pregnant when floods swept her belongings away and damaged her home.

Nasima lives in the Jamalpur district of Bangladesh where more than 2 million people were affected by floods in July 2019. More than 100,000 hectares of crops were washed away -- a land area the size of Toronto. The damage impacted the livelihood of residents in the area and their access to water and sanitation.

Nasima was running a tea-stall at the local market and used the income to support her daughters and husband. She was the sole provider for her family because her husband, Salam Mia, is blind.

The floods put her family in desperate need of food, water and shelter.

Fortunately, emergency assistance reached her through Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). IRC provided her with cash grants to repair her home and allow her to continue running her business. IRC also gave her quick-growing seeds for gardening and personal care products for her and her daughters.

“This aid was life-saving. I returned back to my life. I am grateful to Islamic Relief for supporting vulnerable people like me,” she said.

Nasima has been able to continue her business and support her family which, since the floods, has grown to include her newest daughter.

Nasima tea-shop owner
Nasima Begum, tea-shop owner in Jamalpur region of Bangladesh. Photo Credit: AKM Ahsan Uddin
Nasima makes tea
Nasima Begum makes tea for a customer in her stall. Photo Credit: AKM Ahsan Uddin