Torrential rains in southwestern Algeria
Algerian floods 2015
Floods in Southwestern Algeria
Torrential rains in southwestern Algeria
October 2015
People Helped: 
Humanitarian Needs: 

Between October 16 and 24, 2015, torrential rains hit five Saharan refugee camps in Southern Algeria. The resulting flooding was unprecedented for the region: 90,000 Saharan refugees, mainly those living in the Dakhla camp, saw their homes damaged or destroyed. The loss of food stores and access to food left the refugees particularly vulnerable and dependent on aid distribution.

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Humanitarian Response: 

Oxfam-Québec set out to reduce the impact of flooding on the Saharan refugee population with adapted and coordinated emergency assistance for both shelter and food security. Oxfam
provided safe and weather resistant shelters to at least 112 of the most vulnerable families (560 people) and provided supplementary food rations to 15,000 people.

The response included training members of the population on improved construction techniques, including documents and manuals developed for masons to be shared with all involved.


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