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Mozambique hit by cyclone
Cyclone Dineo hits Mozambique
Tropical cyclone Dineo hits Mozambique
February 2017
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Tropical cyclone Dineo slammed into coastal districts of Mozambique on February 15, 2017, bringing heavy rain, a storm surge and winds reaching 130 km/h. The storm claimed the lives of seven people and affected close to 700,000 people.

Dineo caused extensive damage to the region’s food supply, destroying close to 30,000 hectares of agricultural land. More than 60,000 homes, 70 health clinics and close to 2,000 classrooms were also damaged.

map of Mozambique in Africa


Humanitarian Response: 

CARE has been implementing development and emergency response activities in the area for more than 20 years, including programs focused on food security, health, water and sanitation and economic empowerment. Following Cyclone Dineo, they went to work to provide clean water, emergency shelter kits, cleaning supplies and hygiene kits for people who were affected.

They distributed hygiene kits to the most severely affected households in cyclone-hit communities, taking into account special consideration for the needs of women and girls. They also rehabilitated a health clinic, including risk reduction measures to prevent damage from future cyclones or heavy rainfall by building stronger roofs.

Cyclone passes through Mozambique causing major damage
Humanitarian aid for people affected by cyclone in Mozambique
Aid from Canada to those affected by Mozambique cyclone
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