Tropical Storm Eta, Guatemala

November 2020

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

Tropical Storm (TS) Eta ravaged eastern Guatemala with heavy rain starting on November 5, causing historic flooding, wind damage and landslides. Families in shelters are in urgent need of basic supplies and personal care and hygiene items. Children are particularly vulnerable and will require psychological support and physical protection.  When returning to their communities, families who have lost homes, crops, animals, and possessions have immediate water and hygiene, as well as food security needs.

Furthermore, affected populations face public health challenges, particularly preventing outbreaks of COVID-19 and waterborne diseases.

Humanitarian Response

Plan is establishing Child Friendly Spaces around long-term shelters, and providing counseling for children in the most affected communities. Child protection messages, including violence prevention and physical safety will be broadcast through local radio.

Families will be selected based on needs and vulnerability to receive a cash transfer in order to provide for their own essential basic needs. Plan is also providing adapted hygiene kits to individuals and families. Kits for sheltered populations will include COVID-19 prevention materials along with personal care supplies, whereas kits for families returning home will include household cleaning materials such as bleach and jerry cans.

In Partnership with Canada

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