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World Vision in Vanuatu

Tropical Storms, Vanuatu

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World Vision in Vanuatu
World Vision in Vanuatu
March 2023

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

In the first week of March 2023, two devastating Tropical Storms hit the archipelago of Vanuatu.  

On March 1, Tropical Cyclone Judy entered the central islands of Vanuatu as a strong storm with destructive winds, intensifying to a category 4 as it left the area and crossed the southern Tafea province. Between March 3 and 4, Tropical Cyclone Kevin (category 5 storm) crossed the archipelago, with provinces of Shefa and Tafea taking the brunt of the impact.  

The two storms made landfall in Vanuatu over three days, with winds of up to 215 kph and substantial amounts of rain causing major flooding, damage to houses and infrastructure. 

Humanitarian Response

World Vision Vanuatu (WVV) is distributing 1,000 family hygiene kits and jerry cans to support the provision of and access to safe drinking water. WVV is also providing 1,000 rapid shelter kits (tarpaulins, nails, hammer and instructions) to affected households.

Because women, children and people with disabilities are the most affected, particular hygiene needs of women and girls, people with disabilities and people who experience incontinence will be addressed in the response through distribution of carers' kits and resources, reaching an estimated 100 people.

World Vision in Vanuatu will establish family and child friendly spaces at each of its 10 distribution sites, reaching an estimated 2,000 people. These spaces will grant women, children and families at risk of increased violence or abuse access to information about important services and prevention strategies. 

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