Two people survey the destruction left by Typhoon Rai

Typhoon Rai, Philippines

A man surveys the flooding and devastation
Two people survey the destruction left by Typhoon Rai
December 2021

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

From December 16-18, super Typhoon Rai made 10 landfalls across 7 provinces in the Philippines, bringing high winds, torrential rains and landslides.

An estimated 2.4 million people have been impacted by the storm, with more than 680,000 forced to leave their homes and at least 375 reported deaths. Lack of water and crowded evacuation centres increase the risk of the spread of disease, including COVID-19.

Some of the most urgent needs include potable water, food, hygiene supplies, health care and emergency shelter.

Humanitarian Response

Oxfam Canada is providing emergency cash assistance so that families can buy food in the aftermath of the storm. To ensure access to clean water, Oxfam is repairing small village water systems, providing daily drinking water and water treatment and storage supplies to affected households.

Plan International Canada is working in different municipalities to provide households with cash for food, and personal hygiene supplies and information for women and girls affected by the disaster.



In Partnership with Canada

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