Residents walk over lava to find safety

Volcano, DR Congo

View of city where lava flow stops
Residents walk over lava to find safety
May 2021

People Helped


Humanitarian Needs

On 22nd May 2021, the Nyiragongo volcano in eastern DRC erupted and spewed lava towards Rwanda and towards the city of Goma. Homes were destroyed, 250,000 people were evacuated to overcrowded camps, and cholera has spread because of lack of water and sanitation.

Because parts of Goma city were destroyed, people are now dependent on aid, having lost businesses and jobs. Due to poverty, most cannot afford to rebuild their homes or access basic services such as water and health care.

Humanitarian Response

Oxfam is focusing on water and sanitation, as well as protection initiatives for the affected populations.

Oxfam will respond to the immediate need for clean drinking water by installing and filling water storage tanks at five sites, with regular quality monitoring.

Oxfam will also construct 100 communal latrines and 50 communal bathrooms with waste management systems and with hand-washing units. Culturally and gender-appropriate hygiene promotion sessions will be conducted for the affected population.

In addition, Oxfam will work with community members and leaders to raise awareness and build capacity to address gender and protection issues.

In Partnership with Canada

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