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Water is life
July 7, 2020

In August 2019, when wildfires burned out of control in Bolivia, wells and drinking water were contaminated. Vulnerable populations including Indigenous people and migrants were most affected by the lack of clean water necessary for hygiene, cooking and drinking.

Save the Children worked to bring clean water to the communities most in need. They provided tanks of water and purifying kits, which served more than 6,000 people.

Ezequiel in Bolivia
Ezequiel is 9 years old and lives in a small city in Bolivia where wildfires contaminated their water source.

“Save the Children has brought water filters to my community. Before we used to drink water from the well that we brought from far. Now the water is sweeter. I know how to take care of the filter: the purifier is changed, water is put on top and you have to wait until it clears and you can take it.” - Ezequiel

Clarinda in Bolivia
Clarinda, 61 years old, stands in front of a water tank that was built by Save the Children.

“Having the tank with water near my house is a blessing because it was very difficult to store the water before. We used pots, buckets, cans, or whatever we could find, but now I have water all the time. I am a grandmother and I am raising two grandchildren -- my daughter went to work in Santa Cruz because there is no work here.” - Clarinda

Maria in Bolivia
Maria uses a water filter provided by Save the Children.

“I believe that water is life. With the filters that the project from Save the Children has left us, we no longer get sick, now my family is healthier. I have three daughters and two young sons. Before, the water we drank was a little cloudy. I am very grateful.” - Maria