Women are receiving WASH supplies on behalf of their families. (Photo by LWF/Charles Masanga)

Clean water transforms a village

When Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique in March 2019, houses and sanitation facilities were destroyed and water sources were contaminated. People needed emergency drinking water to survive, and longer term solutions for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

Canadian Lutheran World Relief worked with partners in Muchambonha village, Manica Province to provide WASH supplies -- water purifier, buckets, dignity kits, and hygiene kits – to all 56 families in the village. They supported the construction of shelters as well as communal and family latrines. They also repaired the village water pump and trained a committee of local residents on the operations, repair and maintenance of the pump.


Cyclone Idai Mozambique women fetching water
Women are fetching water from the new hand pump installed in their village. (Photo by LWF/Bhoj Khanal)
Cyclone Idai Mozambique drinkable water
Mrs Arminda Laice Mauguese, 53, fetches water every day with the new hand pump. She is proud to be a member of the Water User’s Committee. She says, “Villagers can drink clean water, clean their house properly and now there are no significant sicknesses in the village.” (Photo by LWF/Bhoj Khanal)
Cyclone Idai Mozambique humanitarian aid
Francisco Mauguese and his wife lost their 2 hectares of crops, 30 goats, 4 cows, 40 pigs and 30 chickens when everything was swept away by Cyclone Idai flooding. CLWR provided a shelter kit, including a machete, pick axe, hammer, shovel, sickle, hoe and pick, so they could rebuild a home for their family. (Photo by LWF/Bhoj Khanal)
Cyclone Idai Mozambique child and latrine
A child washes his hands after using a communal latrine – one of 20 – supported by CLWR. (Photo by LWF/Charles Masanga)