Eva Thom in front of her house, built with funding from CHAF

Home, sweeter home

Eva Thom, has built a new house. A better house.

When the flooding due to Cyclone Idai devastated the Southern Region of Malawi, the house Eva shared with her children and grandchildren collapsed. They were forced to find shelter in a nearby camp where they stayed for about three months before they could return and rebuild.

But how?

CARE Canada, with support from the Humanitarian Coalition and the Government of Canada, provided Eva with building materials and a cash grant to complete her new house.

She used part of the money to buy burnt bricks for the base of the house to protect it from future floods. She also ensured the house was raised higher than the previous one to reduce its vulnerability. She paid builders to construct the house and the roofing was completed by her son.  Eva says that the area has no grass for thatching the house due to livestock, so she used the tarpaulins provided by CARE as roofing.

It may not be a castle, but now Eva and her grandchildren have a new place to call home.