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Woman in Pakistan next to her restored house

“Now I can live safely”

“I have lived throughout my life with misery. My husband died and my son is in prison,” says 60-year-old Bakhtavar Bibi. 

“The earthquake added injury to my life.” 

The earthquake that struck the district of Balochistan in Pakistan in October, 2021 caused the deaths of dozens of inhabitants and destroyed infrastructure, including homes. 

Two of the three rooms in Bakhtavar’s mud house collapsed and she did not have the means to do any repairs. 

Bakhtavar lost her husband 9 years ago. She has two daughters and two sons. She lived with her 35-year-old son Ahmed, until he went to prison. She takes care of her grandchildren, and a few chickens, but her health is not good. She has no family income and relies on support from her daughters. 

After the earthquake, and the damage to her home, Bakhtavar was chosen by Islamic Relief Pakistan, with support from the Humanitarian Coalition and the Government of Canada, to receive a shelter kit. 

With the building materials provided to her -- including bamboo, doors and windows -- Bakhtavar was able to rehabilitate one of the damaged rooms. 

“Thanks to Almighty Allah, that enabled Islamic Relief to help me. I will use that shelter kit to reconstruct my home,” she says. “Now at least, I can live safely in this newly constructed room with harsh summer ahead.”