“I just grabbed my children and went,” says Margaret, who lost everything in the flooding. Today, she received two buckets and soap during an Oxfam distribution in the camp. "The buckets help to keep the water safe," she said. "Up until now, I was borrowing them from my friends, as I didn't have one." (Credit: Philip Hatcher-Moore)

Oxfam-Québec supported the distribution of buckets and soap

Some 4,000 people who fled the flooding from Cyclone Idai in Malawi and Mozambique found refuge in Bangula Camp, Malawi. To enable access to drinking water and better hygiene, Oxfam-Québec supported the distribution of buckets and soap to the camp residents.

Oxfam-Quebec aid for Cyclone Idai

When she first arrived in the camp, Evelesi had nothing in which to store water, and had to borrow buckets. "Having tops for them is important because once you cover it, the water is safe." Evelesi says she is grateful to donors who provide essentials to people in the camp.

Oxfam-Quebec project in Malawi

People collect water in the Bangula camp, southern Malawi, with buckets provided by Oxfam.

Support for survivors of Cyclone Idai in Southern Africa

Elita, 39, also took refuge in Bangula camp when her house was flooded. She lined up for her buckets and soap as part of Oxfam’s water and hygiene distribution project .