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Economic justice - Essential services - Rights in crisis - Gender equality

Oxfam-Québec is an international solidarity and cooperation organization. Acting in collaboration with its partners and allies in developing countries, it develops and deploys sustainable solutions to combat poverty and inequality. Locally, it mobilizes the people of Quebec to express their solidarity with these objectives. 

A just world without poverty.

Humanitarian Assistance

In times of crisis, natural disasters or conflict, Oxfam-Québec responds quickly to protect and save the lives of people in need, in particular women and children. At any given time, Oxfam’s relief teams are responding to some 50 emergencies around the world. Oxfam distributes safe drinking water, food and sanitation services in the affected areas, and strives to protect civilian populations. The organization is also focused on risk reduction, primarily targeting poor populations with long-term development programs and by tackling the underlying causes of poverty.

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