Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund (CHAF)

The Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund (CHAF) facilitates a timely and effective response to smaller, localized disasters that have not received global attention. It seeks to enhance the capacity for early response by leveraging the established local presence maintained by our member agencies.

The CHAF is financed by Global Affairs Canada (75%), the Humanitarian Coalition (10%) and the Humanitarian Coalition’s member agencies (15%).


-Provide funding for disaster responses which otherwise might not be funded

-Strengthen needs-based allocation of humanitarian funding

-Improve the timeliness and speed of funding allocations

-Promote “best humanitarian outcomes” by aligning funds with the agencies that are best placed to respond

-Promote innovation which strengthens coordination, timeliness, and effectiveness


-Improved physical security

-Improved or maintained health

-Improved or maintained household or community livelihoods



Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund

To remain fully accountable and transparent, the CHAF mechanism calls for the documentation of activities at all key stages of its operations, including through annual reports and response strategies for each crisis.